Data Recovery

Recover deleted files, lost images or even data from a re formatted hard drive.  About 80% of data recovery is done with specialized software.  DIRECT-TEK, uses the most cutting edge software tools to recovery data to an average of 98% of its original state.  If the data recovery requires physical recovery, then we work with our trusted partner to ensure you get great service at a reasonable price.


  • You bring the computer or hard drive into our office.
  • We assess the state of the drive to determine the difficulty of the data recovery.
  • We will call you or email you with a quote as to the cost of the recovery.
  • At this point, you can choose to have the data recovered or to just put the hard  drive in the closet for another day
  • If you approve the data recovery, we start the process to retrieve your data.
  • We require that you bring in a hard drive or if you don’t have one, we stock them for sale in our store, to restore your recovered data on.
  • After the process is complete, DIRECT-TEK can help you restore your data back on your computer and re locate in its proper file location.